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K J’s Shorts

- a short selection of short stories by K J Bennett

K J's ShortsFour entertaining short stories from the author of Pike’s Quest -

Of Flesh & Blood - a haunting tale of love, loss and longing.

The Torment of Jake Hatter - devilish antics on a train: a spook meets its nemesis.

Who'd Have Thought It? - the author's humorous memoir of the day after the 1966 World Cup.

Brotherly Love - a black comedy of sibling rivalry.

From the introduction:

“... on the whole, I don’t get the concept of short stories. I rarely enjoy reading them, and I always think beyond them. Then I write too much and end up with a novel. However, just occasionally I come up with an idea that just happens to fit into the requirement of not being long. About once every three to four years, as it happens. Thank you for asking.”

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